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Third Party Water Level Monitoring

Keeping track of water is more important every day here in sunny California. Wayne Cooper Ag Services will measure and record static water levels on intervals to assist the land owner in documenting the rise and fall of their water table.

We use a variety of methods to determine water levels, but our first choice is the Powers Electric sounder. Other options, depending on accessibility at the well site, are airlines or sonic water level sensors.

Multi-point Tests
september14 028.JPG

Irrigation conditions change.

A pumping efficiency test at various common operating pressures can be very valuable.

Long-term Data Logging

If long-term data-logging is your goal we have an excellent solution! produces a terrific product and we have been working with them for years.

Let us help you by communicating with your pump company for installation, and then we will install and program your equipment for years of worry free data collection.

Real Estate Pump Tests

Real Estate pump tests are common.

From a standard pump test to 12 hour continuous monitoring pump tests, and everything in between.

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