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Services Offered.
  • Pump Efficiency Testing -

      Well and booster tests



  • Long-term data-logging options


  • Third-Party Water Level Monitoring


  • Water Quality Sampling


  • Sustainability in Practice,

      SIP Certification

      -pump testing fills a certification requirement


Who We Serve.

We are centrally located in  San Luis Obispo County and serve the Bay Area to Ventura and everywhere in between.


Agricultural pumps




Domestic Wells


Water Parks


Golf Courses

What is a Pump Test and Why should I Test?

A pump test measures various aspects of the pump's operation. It results in an estimate of the overall efficiency of your pumping plant and the cost of running it at the time and conditions of the test. It may also give an indication of water well performance.*


Regular pump testing can identify problems before a breakdown occurs or energy bills climb. This allows you to perform an objective economic analysis to identify when it can be profitable to invest in a retrofit or repair.*


On a new pump, a test will establish a baseline of performance and verify that equipment is operating as designed.*


*Center for Irrigation Technology, CIT 

Specifying An Efficient Pump brochure

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